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Corporate Goth, because nice boots are expensive.

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...time is short. So you gotta ask yourself: Are you a fighter, Fish Queen, or are you zombie food
\m/, a fish called wanda, alan rickman, art i can touch, asian horror, beating people with sticks, black humor, black liquid eyeliner, boobs, books, boots, cats, charlie chaplin, chazz palminteri, cheese, christopher walken, cinemania, circus contraption, circus freaks, clancy brown, community, community building, crispin glover, crosswords, dancing david bowie, david rappaport, ducky, eating good food, eddie izzard, elvira, eric bogosian, film noir, frank herbert, freaks, friday the 13th:the series, fritz lang, gail russell, gene kelly, gene wilder, george c scott, gin, gothic charm school, gothic domesticity, hairy men, harold and maude, history, horror movies, hotpaaants, howard zinn, iggy pop, james herriot, jazz, jean-pierre jeunet, john cazale, john cusack, john malkovich, john turturro, john waters, johnny cash, johnny eck, jon cryer, joseph calleia, joseph merrick, judaism, judy garland, kids in the hall, kirsten vangsness, labor struggle, laughing my ass off, lili taylor, lizabeth scott, mcarthyism, men in kilts, mighty thrift-fu, mitch pileggi, monty python, moonstruck, motherhood, mst3k, musicals, my kitties, my little monkey, nick cave, old/pre-code hollywood, oliver platt, oontz, parenting, paul reubens, pauley perrette, peter dinklage, raul julia, reading, really good food, robert benchley, robert mitchum, robey, rockabilly, ruben blades, sarah vaughn, schlock, seagoth, seriously crass humor, shoes, side boob cleavage, silent film, stanley tucci, steve buscemi, tattoos, the algonquin round table, the coen brothers, the godfather, the imposters, the mercury, the muppets, the perfect dirty martini, the pogues, the red scare, the smothers brothers, the specials, the uninvited, theda bara, tim burton, tim curry, tom lehrer, tom waits, trivia, uma thurman, very rare steak, vinyl, violet and daisy hilton, whores fornication and pie